Chef Walter Martino is known to have created the most expensive plate in the world and gained the title of “Million Dollar Chef”. The plate he created was made of solid gold, which also included 84 diamonds and received one million Euros from Arab Prince in 2013, while the plate was breathtaking, the recipes he used were the pièce de résistance. Chef Walter Martino, is also known as the “Most Luxurious Chef in the World” receiving this recognition after designing the world’s most expensive champagne bottle L’Oro di Bacco with an estimated value of 1.7 million euros that he paired with his signature dishes will transport the patrons on a stunning gastronomic encounter. The Walter Martino champagne contains 24 karat gold and it is decorated with hundreds of diamonds.

Chef Walter Martino’s name will definitely get global recognition once he opens Kaori. His very unique approach to food is a luxurious experience on its own. Chef Martino’s culinary masterpieces are so palatable that they bring all the senses to life. His inspiration for the dishes created for Kaori have been thoroughly thought out and each will be a unique and delectable experience.