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Kaori takes Walter Martino’s unique approach to multi-sensory dining experiences to a whole new level. The restaurant’s success in Brickell has led to an expansion to a new location in Brickell’s colorful luxury high-rise, the SLS Lux. Similar to the original restaurant’s moving digital wall projections, the two-story restaurant will feature new visual art pieces and Martino’s signature collection of handmade, gem-studded dishware to offer diners a sumptuous feast for all senses. 

Pop-up Restaurants

Walter Martino is curating new dining experiences in Tulum, Mexico, and in Tenerife, Spain. The two pop-ups feature specialized menus that transform the freshest local ingredients of each paradisiacal location into novel multicultural flavor fusions. With these stunning seaside backdrops and the music of the ocean’s tides in their ears, diners will truly experience a meal to remember.

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