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Chef Martino’s signature divine culinary experience is available for luxury catering. Martino creates menus for each event he caters to, carefully curating ingredients and dishes based on the cultural and contextual elements he gleans from conversations with each client. Whether it’s for entertainment, black-tie corporate, or private events, Chef Martino delivers not just a delectable array of signature dishes, but a complete sensory experience that will elevate the profile of any occasion. With the option of having his creations presented on his famous handmade, gem-encrusted dinnerware, guests will relish one of the most memorable dining experiences in the culinary world.

Destination Weddings, Life Celebrations, and Corporate Events.



Walter Martino prides himself on his fresh, inventive, and personalized approach to catering. We offer gourmet food for any occasion with professional service and unmatched attention to detail to every aspect of the presentation.

From destination weddings, life celebrations, and corporate events, we join forces with you to make sure that all of your expectations are surpassed, and ensure every occasion or event is exceptional.

Catering yachts and villas, executing any vision imaginable. Chef Martino crafts an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Some of our popular exclusive destinations are Miami, Florida, Tulum, Mexico, and Ibiza, Spain. Subscribe to chef Martino's exclusive Facebook Group and let's plan your next event!

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