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About Walter Martino



Walter Martino began his career at the exclusive Zeffirino Restaurant in Genoa and Las Vegas; cooking and learning from his mentor, Gian Paolo Belloni – a highly regarded chef to the Popes and celebrities like Frank Sinatra and Pavarotti.


Martino’s creativity is unique and special.  His culinary fusions of Eastern and Western flavors are displayed on unique handmade Italian ceramic, gold, emerald, and diamond plates, specially designed by him. These exclusive works of art serve as luxurious vessels for his culinary creations.  And, in essence, “luxury” is how one would describe Martino. The way in which he has crafted dishes with not only taste in mind; but, also thinking about how to push the limits of experience, is inspiring. Martino is fully aware that one feasts their senses, namely their eyes, before tasting their food. This is apparent with his extravagant plating and delicious aromas. The hype is well deserved, as his decadence venture pays off in looks and taste.


Martino maintains this over the top style of presentation while combining his multicultural influences to make such dishes. His birthplace of Italian is not only represented in the beautiful dishes he creates, but also in his inspiration for cooking. This combination of creativity enabled worldwide recognition, including earning the titles for “Most Expensive Plate in the World” and “Most Expensive Champagne Bottle”. For his most recent art creation, the “Treasure Bottle” is an artwork that does social works and is an original collaboration with the Colombian artist Jaime Ojeda.  Martino has been lauded by critics and has received widespread praise throughout the gourmet food world, acclaiming him the “Most Luxurious Chef in the World”; and granting him the title of “Million Dollar Chef.”  Additionally, He has taken part in executive events experiences, such as the Latin GRAMMYs in Las Vegas “Golden Splash Media Tour,” and a curated menu for Après Noir concert series with Jennifer Hudson and Drake.

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Martino’s Kaori in Miami is arguably one of his most innovative dining experiences. It is a place that made his visions a reality. It was a 360° cinematic experience, designed to be cutting edge, and aesthetically pleasing. This intimate restaurant takes guests on a journey through their senses with a tasting menu. Each tasting menu’s courses prove to be extravagant, such as tempura being served in ceramic high heels or golden purses or patrons given vaporizers to use the taste of dulce de leche during their meal.


Now, Martino has adapted his luxury style to connect with followers for this age of technology. His ability to combine gourmet food with accessibility to all in the age of quarantine is unprecedented.  And, while Martino is praised for creating a luxurious dining experience for his patrons, he is bringing this decadence home to consumers all over the world and the internet.

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