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Italian chef Walter Martino began his culinary career at the tender age of thirteen, when he began attending the Instituto Nino Bergese and working as a Commis de Cuisine at the infamous Zeffirino restaurant in Genoa, Italy. As he developed his expertise in the culinary world, he saw his perspective influenced by the Japanese culinary methodology’s treatment of food as a healing medicine. Over time, his Italian heritage and training blended with his adoration of Japanese cuisine to create his signature style. Chef Martino’s 

Walter Martino


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specialty lies in his playful combinations of exquisite cooking with extravagant presentations. Through partnerships with international artisans, Martino presents his fusions of Eastern and Western flavors on unique handmade dishware that often features gemstone and precious metal accents. Once he transforms fresh, local ingredients into unique flavor fusions, he presents his creations on these art pieces to treat diners to a multi-sensorial feast. Throughout his career, Martino has worked with brands such as the Hotel Bulgari and the Dolce Gabbana Gold Restaurant and he created dining experiences for events such as the Latin Grammy’s Artist of the Year Cocktail Reception and the Aprés Noir dinner series at the Château Le Jardin. His extravagant cuisine has received widespread praise throughout the culinary world, earning him the moniker, “Million Dollar Chef.” Recently named among the World’s 50 Best Visionary Chefs in which he was ranked number one in Europe, Martino continues to select exquisite ingredients to transform into culinary and artistic masterpieces. He constantly creates a variety of international menus and events and is in the process of relocating and expanding his restaurant, Kaori by Walter Martino. Ever the innovator, Martino frequently reinvents his culinary style with multicultural fusions and artistic presentations to create extraordinary sensory experiences.

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